Friday, 29 May 2015

Picnic Island

Yesterday evening I visited a place called Picnic Island. A small rocky promontory cut off by the railway on the north bank of the Dyfi Estuary overlooking Ynys-las. Half an hour poking around revealed some nice species in the unpromising looking mown picnic area including Trifolium striatum, T. micranthumKoeleria macrantha, Sagina apetela, Aira caryophyllea and Aphanes arvensis.

Trifolium striatum,
SN626962, VC48

Trampled ground by the path to Penhelig revealed a single plant of Catapodium marinum, lots of Trifolium arvense and Origanum vulgare. Just above high water in an overhang of the cliff two plants of Asplenium obovatum were flourishing.   

Asplenium obovatum & Umbilicus rupestris,
SN626962, VC48

Off now to the National Botanic Garden of Wales to prepare for tomorrow's BSBI meeting.

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